Rubi is packed with off-the-shelf functionality that enables businesses to track and manage data in line with their unique requirements

Key Features

Membership Management

  • Track Membership or Customer Statuses
  • Easily Manage Joining & Renewal Subscriptions
  • Full Scope Activity Tracking (e.g. sales, event bookings)
  • Comprehensive Reporting Tools
  • Member Value Statement Generation
  • Company & Contact Interest Tracking

Company Data Management

  • Track & Manage Company/Contact Data
  • Track & Manage Multiple Addresses
  • Track & Manage Social Media Accounts
  • Upload, Manage & Share Files
  • Track & Manage Interests
  • Customise Fields to Suit Your Business

Events & Bookings Module

  • Fully Manage Events & Training Courses
  • Process Bookings & Payments
  • Pre-Schedule Automated Booking Emails (e.g. confirmations, reminders, surveys)
  • Upload, Manage & Share Files for Events
  • Generate Targeted Marketing Lists for Events
  • Customise Fields to Suit Your Business

Sales Tracking

  • Track & Manage All Sales Activity
  • Easily View & Report All Sales Activity
  • Create Custom Sale Items
  • Track & Manage Pipeline Items
  • Streamline Sales with Sage, Xero & QuickBooks Integration

Task Management

  • Log Various Types Interactions
  • Set Tasks for Yourself or Other Rubi Users
  • View & Manage Upcoming Tasks
  • Add Tasks to Outlook Calendars
  • View All Upcoming Tasks
  • Send & Receive Alerts for Interactions

Report Generation

  • Easily Generate Custom Reports
  • Instantly Generate Saved Reports
  • Create Custom Field Based Reports
  • Link Saved Reports to Excel
  • Add Password Protection for Reports

Built-In E-Marketing Tools

  • Send Bulk Emails to Contacts
  • Log Interactions in Bulk
  • View MailChimp Audiences
  • Update MailChimp Audiences
  • Bulk Update Contact Interests & Subscriptions

Outlook Integration

  • Log Sent or Received Emails
  • View Member/Customer Information
  • Link Emails to Existing Events/Training Courses
  • Add Appointments to Outlook Calendar